music/popculture-A Cup Of Coffee With A Handsome Fellow

Gojko Lojpur is 23 years old  aspiring actor/model currently residing in Los Angeles. He has been dancing since he could walk, learning Serbian traditional folk dance since he was six and recently he has entered into the modeling world.



Gojko's sophisticated look, his aplomb, and his facial features make us say "wow!" We managed to do an interview with him and find out more about this sexy man.


If you could edit your past, what would you change?

 Gojko: I wouldn't change anything because everything in life gave us important lessons. All that ugly moments in our lives teach us how to be patient, How to rely on yourself, how to forgive, how to be brave...And if I hadn't those moments I wouldn't be here chatting with you .


What is your favorite memory since you became a model?

  I was very happy when one talent agent approched me in a room rull of people and said, "You are a future star, I didn't need a lot of time to see that, because you have a sparkle in your eyes, and you have charisma all around you".


Would you pose nude?

  I would pose nude only for my girlfriend (smile).


What is on your bucket list?

  To be the biggest star in the world and to help people that are poor     but hard working.


What are you afraid of?



What is on your book shelf?

  Cologne, jewelry, notebook and condoms (smile)


If you could act alongside in the future with your favorite celebrity who would it be?

  Hmmm....I am professional at what I do, so I would act with anyone.


What is your favorite Bollywood movie?

  I love all of them. They are super creative, colorful and have amazing  energy...One day I might be in one of them as a HERO (smile).


What is your favorite thing about being a model?

  In fashion industry, you can find a lot of creative and fun people and  when you have such good coworkers, you can work all night and still  have a smile on the face in the morning.


What is your favorite quote?

  "If you can dream it, you can do it" said by Walt Disney.


 Photos by Jack Zeman, Matthew John, Martin Angelo, Sienna Benton and Saad Hameed.





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