fashiontrends / style - Easy Closet Organizing Tips Every Women Should Know

Easy Closet Organizing Tips Every Women Should Know

An organized closet; doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, not really. It may be hard but it’s definitely achievable, especially if you know the right tips and tricks to organizing it.


Your life will become so much easier when you don’t have to literally dig inside piles of clothes just to find your favorite pair of jeans. Follow these simple tips to finally reclaim your closet space:


This is the first step to organizing your closet. Go through every item you own and get rid of the things you don’t like or don’t fit you anymore. Keep the pieces that make you feel good, happy and confident.

Grab Some Organizing Tools

There are plenty of closet organizing tools available in stores, so grab a few. Stuff like belt hangers and drawer dividers can really help save up space.

Categorize and Color-Coordinate

This is such a simple and easy thing to do and can make the whole process of picking out an outfit so much easier. Categorize your clothes like: all dresses together, jackets together, pants together, etc. Once you have the categorization down, color coordinate the items starting from light to dark.

Roll Clothes to Save Space

If you have a really tiny closet, opt for rolling your clothes so that you can fit a whole bunch of them inside a dresser. This trick also comes in handy when you are packing for a trip.

Get Rid of Random Hangers

Take our all the random and empty hangers in your closet and keep them in a box for whenever needed. To save some extra space, you can even do two pairs of pants per hanger.

Put Your Clothes Back Right Away

To make sure that your closet stays organized for a long time, always put your clothes back into place after taking them off.

With these tips, your closet will surely stay organized! On a scale of 1-10, how messy is your closet?


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